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Easy English NEWS is a 12-page, 11" x 17" monthly newspaper in simple English
created by expert ESL writers for adult and young adult immigrants and visitors to the United States.

Readers build English vocabulary and reading skills while they learn about their new environment in the United States.

Easy English NEWS is aimed at intermediate English language learners ages 10 to adult.

There's something for everyone in Easy English NEWS :

  • Current news of interest to newcomers
  • Civics information
  • Survival skills for life in the U.S.A.
  • Events and holidays of the current month
  • Readers’ true stories
  • Advice on any topic
  • Preparation for citizenship exam
  • Humor
  • Health
  • Safety
  • Consumer awareness
  • Idioms
  • Crossword puzzle
  • Discussion questions

Difficult words in Easy English NEWS are boldfaced, with asterisks, to direct readers to an easy English definition on the back page.

Monthly Teacher's Guide and reproducible quizzes included with each subscription.

5 million copies sold!

Easy English NEWS is used and enjoyed in thousands of ESL classrooms all across the United States.

See price list and quantity discounts.

SAVE MONEY! Easy English NEWS is economical at any quantity--but the larger your program, the less it costs per student.

Ordering is very flexible -
try it out for just a month,
or order just for the months that your program is in session.

Prices as low as $0.95 per paper. The larger your program, the more you save.

Click HERE for prices and order forms. 

Who is Easy English NEWS for?

  • students in their second or third year of studying English in the U.S.
  • students in other countries studying English
  • students in reading assistance programs
  • students in social studies programs
  • immigrants, visitors and anyone else who would enjoy reading about
    American cultural matters in simple sentence structures
    with a controlled vocabulary.


  • topics of interest to adults and young adults
  • current, vital information to help immigrants understand and manage their new lives in the United States.
  • All materials are written by Elizabeth Claire, or other expert ESL text writers
    (except for readers' stories).
  • short sentences, limited vocabulary. Difficult words are boldfaced, with an asterisk.
  • glossary of difficult words (150 to 180 words per month)
  • Photos and illustrations enhance understanding.
  • Easy English NEWS is printed in 12- and 14-point type
  • Abundant white space so necessary for second-language learners.

Teaching aids for classroom or individual use.

  • Let's Talk About It on page 11 helps readersgather and assess facts; express opinions; share culture
  • Word Help on page 12: Glossary of 150-180 important difficult words explained with part of speech and a definition in simple English that corresponds to the use of the word in that month's articles.
  • Monthly Teacher's Guide: Background information, plus objectives, materials, procedures, and extension activities for each of the main articles in Easy English NEWS
  • Monthy quizzes, reproducible: Multiple choice, modified true false and vocabulary match quizzes come with the monthly teacher's guide.
  • Online cloze exercises for six or more of the major articles each month
  • Which-word-does-not-belong Quiz online for vocabulary comprehension and discussion starters.
  • Short answer quiz each month on-line
  • 24-page booklet with nine reproducible generic graphic organizers: How to Use Easy English NEWS in your ESL Classroom. Explains how to make the most of the different types of articles, plus how to adapt presentations and homework for beginning students and advanced students.

Easy English NEWS is interactive!

Each month we publish 4 to 6 stories written by our readers. The stories tell of immigrants' troubles, challenges, mistakes, and successes in their new environment. Stories may be submitted by email to ESL@elizabethclaire.com

Comments, corrections, and critiques may be sent to ESL@elizabethclaire.com

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