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Dangerous English 2000 helps your adult ESL students learn registers of English and avoid embarrassment from slang and vulgar words for sex and bathroom terms

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Dangerous English 2000!

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(Out of Print)

Avoid Embarrassment!

Intermediate and Advanced: Adult

Help your adult ESL students avoid
embarrassment with Dangerous English 2000!

ESL students need to know terms
that are not covered in their classroom text books.

Terms for:

  • Intimate parts and functions of the human body
  • Sex and bathroom use
  • Races, religions, and ethnic groups
  • Politically correct and politically incorrect ideas

Help English language learners avoid :

  • dangerous pronunciation embarrassments
  • sexual harassment
  • non-verbal taboos
  • dangerous racial slurs
  • politically incorrect terms
  • dangerous double meanings of common words

Help English language learners distinguish registers of English words

English language learners need to know terms to use
when they go to their family doctor or gynecologist, urologist, and pharmacist.

ELLs need to know where they can use, and where they should not use

  • formal terms, medical and anatomical words
  • common informal terms
  • slang terms
  • euphemisms
  • children’s words
  • vulgar terms

Terms are explained through pictures, easy English, and sample sentences.


  • ethnic and religious term: correct and offensive
  • words for undergarments and sanitary supplies
  • words for STD prevention and birth control

Dangerous English 2000! is an indispensable guide
for language learners and others

Intermediate ESL levels and up, age 18 and up.

NOTE: Dangerous English 2000! is explicit.
It isn’t called Dangerous English for nothing!

Great for

  • classes of consenting English-language learning adults
  • for individual study
  • for reference

Not recommended for classroom use with students under 18.

Teacher Tips for working with Dangerous English 2000!

To avoid complications, embarrassment, and getting fired:

  • separate your students along gender lines.
  • teach the students of your own gender
  • have an opposite sex teacher teach the other half of your class
  • get clearance from your immediate supervisor.

Dangerous English 2000! is the "book that disappears most frequently"
from an ESL teacher's reference library, so

Order more than one desk copy.
Take orders so your students can buy their own copies,
or send them to this website.

210 pages

ISBN: 978-1887744-08-9

Dangerous English 2000!
Price: $14.00


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Recommended for Ages 18 years old and up
Recommended for English Level intermediate ESL levels and up
ISBN 978-1887744-08-9
Author Elizabeth Claire
. 210 pages

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